The Raven Bar Watch the Summer Nation Series Glasgow

Our central location in Glasgow makes us the perfect bar to watch The Summer Nations Series in. Grab your pals, grab a pint and get down here.

Summer Nations Series Fixtures

29th July

15:15 – Scotland v Italy

5th August

15:15 – Scotland v France
17:30 – Wales v England
20:00 – Ireland v Italy

12th August

17:30 – England vs Wales
20:05 – France v Scotland

19th August

15:15 – Wales v South Africa
17:30 – Italy v Romania
17:30 – Ireland v England
20:05 – France v Fiji

26th August

15:15 – England v Fiji
17:30 – Italy v Japan
17:30 – Scotland v Georgia
19:45 – Ireland v Samoa

27th August

16:45 – France v Australia

Bookings & walk-ins welcome. When booking, be sure to say you’re in to watch the game and we’ll do our best to get you a seat with a TV view.